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NE Studios is Massachusetts’ centrally located state of the art film and television production facility.



NE Studios is built on 15.7 acres of secluded land in Devens, MA. It boasts four (4) 18,000 square foot, NC25 rated sound stages, each 150 feet by 120 feet and 46 feet to the grid.

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– NC25 rated sound proofing
– 120 tons of silent heat and cooling per stage
– (6) 1,200-Amp power services per stage with dedicated Dimmer Rooms
– (6) 20′ x 20′ exterior elephant doors
– (3) 42′ x 24′ interior elephant doors
– Drive on stages
– Wooden Catwalk


– 24-hour gated security with video surveillance
– 33,500 ft2 of onsite mill buildings
– 20,000 ftof office space
– 554 parking spaces (271 onsite, 283 off-site)
– 67 Truck | Trailer | Star Waggon parking spaces
– Onsite Light and Grip rentals


– 10 GB on campus backbone capacity
– 1 GB standard operating speed on campus with an optional 10 GB speed upgrade available
– 6 data closets in production support offices with fiber optic connections
– 42 wireless access points across entire campus with customizable segregated networks
– Cat 6A copper runs to all offices / workstations / dressing rooms


– 10 GB fiber to Star Waggons
– 60 count fiber bundle from comcast to our data / phone room – sufficient for 10 GB upgrades
– Redundant voice and data fibers
– Dual-firewall configuration internet security services
– Plenty of bandwidth to upload dailies and video conference to anywhere in the world

More Than TV and Film

NE Studios’ ample stages can accommodate large-scale live productions and full stage rehersals.

Any stage design imaginable will fit into our 18,000 sq. ft. stages. Each sound stage has a 46-foot working height, 7,200 amps/stage, and extensive rigging capabilities.

The ability to provide an on-site commissary and two business class hotels within a quarter mile makes us the perfect base for bands that need a state-of-the-art space to get the kinks worked out before their show hits the road.

Our dedication to our clients’ privacy, our zoned security, and fenced-in campus means that even the highest profile performers are guaranteed peace and quiet. Shoot promotional video footage while on our stages and you may also earn Massachusetts Film Tax Credits equal to 25% of your production costs.

Contact us to find out about how we can assist.

Joyner Lucas “Will”
Joyner Lucas “ADHD with Revenge Intro”
Godsmack – “1000hp”

Studio Photos

Interior Elephant Doors

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Nailable Flooring

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Sound Stage 1

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Our Beautiful Sign

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Drive-On Stages

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Mill Building

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Make Up Rooms

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Spray Paint Booth NE Studios

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Wardrobe/Laundry x2

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High Capacity Laundry x2

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Flexible Production Office Space

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46′ To the Grid

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Learn More About Massachusetts Tax Incentives

Massachusetts has a considerable film industry. Learn more about the tax incentives.


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